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Tips for Listing your Home

Making a good first impression is essential in selling your home. If your home seems unappealing at first glance or online, buyers will have no reason to further pursue your home. Framing your home in the most appealing way possible will help you generate interest in your home. 


When listing your home, you will need to write out a description of the house. This is typically done in partnership with your agent, as you are the expert of your home and they are an expert on the market. Your listing description should highlight all of the best features of your home to create widespread appeal. Take a look at your home and try to determine what your selling points are. Has the kitchen recently been renovated? Do you have a private backyard? Are there views of the mountains? Features of the home can be both internal and external, you should be giving buyers a full picture of the benefits of purchasing your home. You should also be looking at locational benefits, like being close to transit or being in a good school district. You should also be looking at ways to reframe potential negatives as positives in your home. For example, a small bedroom could be advertised as the potential for a home office. Your agent will be able to provide advice about how to best write about your home's features. 


Another important piece of listing your home is taking pictures of your home. Before having pictures taken, you should take some steps to make your home as appealing as possible. Decluttering and depersonalizing your home are good ways to give your home a more open and inviting feel for onlookers. Buyers should be able to visualize themselves living in the home, which can be difficult when there is too much stuff in the space. While you can take your own pictures, it is highly recommended that you have the pictures professionally taken. Having professional, well-lit images will better show off your home's features and generate interest.


When inviting potential buyers into your home or before having pictures taken, you may want to consider having small repairs or updates done. Things that may not feel like a big deal to you while living in your home can make a world of difference to potential buyers. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls, fixing your leaky faucet, or adding flowers to your garden can make your home more appealing and help ensure potential buyers that your home has been well maintained.