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Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring

It’s Spring and it’s time to sell your home. Listings are in high demand and homes are going fast! Here is a quick ‘To-Do’ for home. Follow this, and you are sure to move to the top of Buyers’ lists. Already in your new home? Print this list out and refer back every Spring; not only will it get your home sold fast, but it will help to keep your home sound and healthy for many years to come.

Start at the curb:

Invest those dollars in a spring landscape cleanup. Hire a local landscaper to just come in and clean out those beds and spruce up the yard. It saves you time, and lets you concentrate on the fun stuff-plant shopping! Grab pots and annuals to spruce up quickly and fill in the gaps of your emerging perennial garden.        

Paint your front door-check color trends. Will they compliment your color scheme? Will it blend well with your neighborhood? Go for it! It's a fresh update that is super easy.

Clean out your gutters and check for any cracks/leaks. Walk the perimeter to make sure all downspouts are connected, then look down for any possible cracks. While you’re outside, check your windows and doors. Do you need new seals?

Check and service any landscape lighting or sprinkler systems.         

Schedule  a HVAC tuneup. If you don’t already have one, get a semi-annual appointment set (summer and winter or spring and fall). Your buyer will feel at ease that there is already one scheduled for their winter turnaround, and it shows that you have cared well for your home. Change the filters-we purchase our own and have them ready for the HVAC person to install during checkup.

Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Did you know these should be placed on each floor, as well as in your basement and garage. Keep them away from windows and doors and at least 6 inches from ceiling and floor.


Flush your hot water heater, clean the ducts for the dryer, and clean your refrigerator and  freezer coils.


Clean and pressure wash the outside of your home-siding, shutters, walkways, decks, and patios. Now is a good time to check for any termite damage. They are inevitable in these mountains, so best practice is to keep an eye out, and have a termite bond set up-another way to show your buyers you are on top of home maintenance.


Head Inside

Time after time, we hear about kitchens and baths. It’s true! Updating these areas will always bring dollar for dollar and most of the time, rocket you out ahead. It’s always a win. You will recoup the money you put in and it will make your house stand out and move you to the top of the list for buyers.


Consider new fixtures and lighting. This is an inexpensive and easy task to update your home and make it stand out.

Freshen up walls fill nail holes, get the magic eraser on those scuffs, touch up paint or add a new coat. Leave and label paints you have used in your home-one last thing to transport in a move, and it helps your buyer with future touch ups. Wipe up baseboards and dust walls. Wash curtains, or even remove for optimum lighting. Clean rugs and furniture.


Lastly, declutter! 

If you have a chance, rent a storage space, start boxing up for the move ahead,  and have a clear space that buyers can picture their belongings in.

Follow this list and you will see your house sell in record time. Refer back to this list each year and keep your home in top shape for years to come. 

Moving to Asheville or one of its surrounding communities? Moving to Upstate South Carolina? 

We’d love to help you buy or build a home in the mountains of Western North Carolina or the lakes of Upstate South Carolina!  Contact us to let us know you’re considering a move and we’ll let you know about new listings that fit your criteria whenever they become available. You can also view the current listings in the neighborhood, and sign up for new listing alerts to stay in the loop.