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Chess Pie-A Holiday Recipe

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We used to have a Chess Pie at our family holiday gathering pot lucks. My Uncle’s partner baked a couple of them each Thanksgiving. Never enough, I might add. There were even some family members that went so far as to hide pies from greedy fingers and for future solo enjoyment! When my Uncle’s relationship faded, my love of Jane’s pies did [...]

A Way of Life - Lake Time!

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Growing up in rural Laurens County, SC and being the first grandchild on both sides of my family had its advantages. It was true small town living. Both of my grandpas worked in the Mill, commuting to work together daily. They raised children who got married, and they purchased lake houses right beside each other. These connections made life pretty amazing for me as a child. In those days, I was known as Sugarlump....need I say more?!!

As you grow older, you look back and see things in a way that makes you appreciate where you come from and who you have turned out to be.

These days, my goal is to purchase a home on that same lake. Lake Greenwood is where my fondest memories were formed and I plan to create some great memories for my daughters and grandkids to reflect back on just as those so precious family members did for me.

Have goals!!! Dream big!! But most importantly, PRAY HARD AND OFTEN!!