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Essential Tasks for South Carolina Lake Home Owners

Essential Tasks for South Carolina Lake Home Owners


Your Summer Lake Home Printable Upkeep Checklist (click the image for your printable copy): 



Owning a lake home in South Carolina offers the perfect summer retreat and an opportunity to enjoy water activities and breathtaking views. To ensure your lake home remains in excellent condition throughout the summer season, we've created a comprehensive checklist of essential upkeep tasks. From maintaining the exterior to optimizing your waterfront experience, follow these guidelines to keep your lake home in top shape.



Exterior Maintenance:


  • Inspect and clean the exterior: Check for any signs of damage or wear on your home's siding, paint, or stucco. Power wash or clean the exterior to remove dirt and debris.

  • Clean and maintain decks and patios: Clear off leaves, debris, and spider webs. Clean and seal wooden decks to protect against moisture and UV damage.

  • Clean and treat outdoor furniture: Clean and refresh your outdoor furniture, cushions, and umbrellas. Apply a protective treatment to prolong their lifespan.

  • Protect against pests: Take preventive measures to minimize the presence of insects and pests by sealing cracks and using appropriate pest control methods.

  • Check window and door seals: Inspect for air leaks and seal any gaps with weatherstripping or caulk to improve energy efficiency.


Interior Maintenance:

man's hand with wrench on pipe under sink

  • Check for water leaks: Inspect plumbing fixtures, faucets, and pipes for leaks or drips. Address any issues promptly to avoid water damage.

  •  Inspect and clean ceiling fans: Dust off and reverse the direction of ceiling fans to promote airflow and create a comfortable environment.

  • Check HVAC system: Schedule a professional inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system to ensure optimal performance in the summer heat.

  • Check fire extinguishers

  •  Clean and maintain appliances: Clean refrigerator coils, check dishwasher filters, and ensure proper ventilation for appliances to function efficiently.

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Ensure that all detectors are functioning properly and replace batteries if needed.

  • Deep clean the interior: Take the opportunity to declutter, organize, and deep clean your lake home to create a fresh and inviting living space.



Shoreline and Recreational Safety Considerations: covered boat lift and dock on lake


  • Check boat dock and lifts: Inspect the structure, boards, and connections of your boat dock or lift. Repair or replace any damaged parts for safe and efficient use.

  • Maintain the shoreline: Clear any fallen branches or debris from the shoreline to create a clean and inviting space.

  •  Check and maintain your boat: perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the hull, checking the engine, and ensuring safety equipment is up to date.

  •  Check life jackets, and other safety equipment to ensure they are in good condition and readily accessible.

  • Prepare for water activities: Clean and inspect watercraft, water toys, and fishing gear. Ensure all necessary licenses and permits are up to date.

  • Monitor water levels: Stay informed about lake water levels, as fluctuating levels can impact your dock, boat, and access to the water.

  • Implement water conservation practices: Be mindful of water usage and adhere to any water conservation guidelines provided by local authorities

  • Check with local authorities on any lake regulations

white two-story home on the lake


By following this comprehensive summer lake home upkeep checklist, you can ensure that your South Carolina lake home remains in top condition and provides you with a wonderful retreat all summer long. Regular maintenance and timely repairs will not only enhance your enjoyment but also protect your investment for years to come. Remember to address any issues promptly and take necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe and memorable summer experience at your lake home.



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