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2021 Real Estate Market-What to Expect

Myth: The Real Estate Market will crash this year.


Real Truth:  With so much uncertainty about the job market, it has some people worried about the possibility of a real estate market crash this year. Some are wondering-will we start seeing a flurry of foreclosures and short-sales? There is also always a bit of uncertainty when a new administration begins-a bit of a waiting period to see what we can be expecting all around. With government stimulus packages and the current health crisis expected to take a positive turn mid-year, experts are expecting the job market to follow with an upward trajectory. 


Interest rates are still low and hovering just below 3%. Buyers are abundant, but we are still seeing low traffic from sellers. National and local inventory is at an all time low according to NAR and Carolina MLS. If you are considering selling your home, now is the time to take advantage of the market, get the most for your home, and guarantee a quick process with the highest dollar for your home. Noble & Company is a trusted friend in the community that can guide you in the right direction when looking to sell.  Most homes are currently starting off with bidding wars and closing for above listing prices. If you want to know more about where to start the process, take a look at our Seller Information page.


For Sellers, now is the time! Top 10 for getting your home ready:

Home Repair Images

  1. Deep clean 
  2. Take out personal items 

  3. Rent a storage space if necessary to declutter all areas of your home

  4. Cobweb check

  5. Clean carpets

  6. Caulk bathroom

  7. Make any necessary repairs

  8. Make your ‘showing day list’ for quick cleanups

  9. Touch up paint and paint over any bright colors

  10. Talk to us; we have all the resources you will need to get the above list started


With the opportunity to get the most out of your home’s equity, it’s easy and fast to find out just how much your home is worth by requesting a Free Home Market Report from Noble & Company Realty.


Image of piggy bank/'find a trusted lender  For Buyers, competition is high! Some quick tips for you:

           1.  Be ready to make your offer on the spot

         2.  Find out what steps to take to get ready before you start your official property search

         3.  Be on your A-game. Get pre-approved with a trusted lender-This let’s sellers know you are serious and moves you up to the starting line when competing offers start rolling in.




Stay tuned for more information on Buying and Selling homes.